The New Way to Celebrate Achievements

October 11, 2021


Whether they are starting out or are seasoned veterans, there is one thing that every sports player needs to get their game on track—a token of how great they are. That said, trophies are a fantastic way to remind someone of their victories and show your support. But, the average medals and the same old trophies coaches hand out every season have become outdated and seem far too overdone in the sports industry. After all, a player can only hold on to so many space-consuming statues.


That’s where Card Beasts comes in.

 It's not always easy to find the right gift to show a loved one your support. Card Beasts offer the ideal solution for supporting a player by recognizing their achievements. Regardless of the game, Card Beasts provides the customization option to showcase your favorite player on a sports card they can easily hold onto for years to come. 


What is Card Beasts?

 Card Beasts is an online retailer that supplies customized sports cards made of 100 percent high-quality metal. From basketball, baseball, and football to any activity in-between, Card Beasts creates the ideal cards that can easily make the perfect gift to show your support for your player's achievements. 


Whether your kid made the little league team or you’re cheering on a college football star, Card Beasts’ metal sports cards are an affordable alternative to otherwise unoriginal trophies. 


How it Works

Card Beasts makes customization easy with an online portal, where you can choose a style, personalize your card, and complete your purchase with a simple click of a button. 


Simply send in a photo of your all-star player and opt to keep it as is or have Card Beasts’ digital artists edit the photo if needed. Enter your player’s title, position, and name, and select which stats or attributes you’d like to showcase on the final product. Then, place your order, and voila! Card Beasts gets to work, making your vision a reality.  


Encourage Your Favorite Champion with Card Beasts 

Not only are sports cards from Card Beasts durable and ready to last a lifetime, but they’re also compact enough to display on a shelf or store away for safekeeping. Card Beasts' cards are fully customizable, making it easy to encourage your favorite person, no matter their passion. 


Card Beasts offers a personalized solution to show your support for the athlete, hobbyist, or most valuable person in your life. Unlike trophies and medals that may be easy to toss aside, Card Beasts sports cards are completely personalized and can be used in any way to showcase achievements. Whether you're looking to congratulate your loved one on a recent win, or you're on the hunt for a unique way to exhibit your favorite athlete, Card Beasts makes customization simple.